Faculty Background

The Faculty of Human Sciences offers a dynamic and vibrant learning environment to inspire and excite the next generation of global citizens. We are boasting a diverse yet coherent range of academic activity.


The Faculty of Human Sciences (FSK) was officially launched on 1 March 2005 as the Faculty of Social Science and Humanity. It began as the Department of Social Studies, Sultan Idris Teaching Institute (IPSI). FSK was officially used in the University after receiving approval from the University’s Management Meeting on 4 September 2009 and since its establishment, the Faculty is headed by many Deans in the attempts to strength the expension of knowledge in the field of human sciences.

For the first three months, the Faculty began its operation at 1st Floor, Music Complex, UPSI but later moved to Malim Sarjana Complex until the present. In the beginning the Faculty had only 18 academic and 9 administrative staffs. The number expanded from time to time to uphold the Faculty’s inspiration of expending towards Master’s level in human sciences.

The Faculty started with only two academic departments, namely, History and Geography that offered Bachelor of Education (History) with Honors and Bachelor of Education (Geography) with Honors. In the process of upgrading the Faculty, efforts are made to offer new programmes and the field of knowledge offered by the Faculty also expanded after three months of its establishment.

In August 2005, the Department of Islamic and Asian Civilization (TITAS) was transferred from the Faculty of Cognitive Science and Human Development to the Faculty of Human Sciences. The Department of TITAS was given then approval to offer Bachelor in Islamic Study and Bachelor in Malaysian Studies. As part of the new development, the Department of TITAS was dissolved in 2009 and all staffs were transferred according to their respective expertise and to the Department of Islamic Studies and the Department of Malaysian Studies.

In line with the restructuring of the University, the Department of Moral Studies and Malaysian Studies were integrated to be known as the Department of Social and Citizenship Studies (JPKK). Until the present, the Faculty operates four departments and offers degree programmes, as follows:

  • Bachelor of Education (Geography) with Honors
  • Bachelor of Education (History) with Honors
  • Bachelor of Education (Moral Education) with Honors
  • Bachelor of Education (Islamic Education) with Honors
  • Bachelor of Malaysian Studies with Education
  • Bachelor of Education Tahfiz Al-Quran and Qira’at with Honors

The Master’s Degree and Doctoral programmes were introduced in 2006.

The Department of History offered:

  • Masters in South East Asian History
  • Masters in Malaysian History

The Department of Geography and Environment offered

  • Masters in Geography

The Department of Islamic Studies offered three Masters programme including Syariah, Usuluddin and Islamic Studies while the Department of Social and Citizenship Studies offered Masters in Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies. Other than the above programmes, the Faculty, since its establishment, expands forward realizing its vision to become an excellent Faculty in academic study and a leading academic institution in social and human sciences both in national and the global level.

Why choose us

With our strong teaching tradition in humanities, we covered a wide spectrum of disciplines that include geography, environment, history, Islamic studies, social studies and civilization. We provide numerous opportunities and are committed to life-long learning to allow those with passion of knowledge to learn and to develop new skills, whatever their stage in life.