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Faculty of Human Sciences was established in 2005. This faculty has a strong tradition of teaching in Geography, History, Moral Education, Islamic Studies and Malaysian Studies. These programs offer a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to ensure that students would be able to face contemporary global challenges.


Faculty of Human Sciences is proud of its reputation of being a friendly faculty and a suitable place to study. Faculty members are easily available for discussion on issues pertaining to academic matters and student development. The above advantages make the faculty one of the most rapidly developed faculties in the University.


To be a leading faculty in academic leadership in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities at national and international levels.


To generate and to elevate the prestige of studies in social sciences and humanities through teaching and learning, research, publication, consultation and social service in the context of human development in order to fulfill the university’s vision.


Quality Objective

  • To ensure 90% of students will get CGPA 2.75 and above.
  • To ensure at least 70% of students will get at least CGPA 3.00 and above.
  • To ensure at least 95% of students will graduates within eight (8) semesters.
  • To ensure the ratio of lecturer to students is 1:20 in 2015.
  • To ensure 95% Administrative and Support Staff and Academic Staff meet the minimum CPD points by group.
  • To ensure at least 80% of research conducted by the lecturer is in accordance wirh the direction of research faculty.
  • To ensure at least 75% of students and lecturers comfortable with the facilities provided.
  • To ensure 75% of lecturers get good rating (score above 75%) in the course evaluation by students.
  • To ensure 80% of customers satisfied with the services provided.
  • To ensure the academic staff reach the KPI not less than 80% KPI publications.


Clients Charter

  • Help realise vision and Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris mission (UPSI) to become a university that excelled in education leadership based on historical splendor and lead global changes.
  • Giving friendly service, quick, fair and efficient.
  • Giving education service, educational facility and management system the best and quality to students in keeping with current need.
  • Create lesson atmosphere, learning, research and publication that conducive for rank highly knowledge.
  • Provide facility management and administration that good, enough and latest to staff.
  • Maintain facility and teaching equipment and administration perfectly and immediate.
  • In implementing duties above, we prepare to accept all criticism which built so that customer satisfaction can be filled.